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For last 54 years Volvo hasn’t become bestseller in Sweden

In 2016 in Sweden there was set the new record for car sale – 372 296 Volvo cars that is 7.8% more than last year. But still this number hasn’t made Volvo the bestseller for the first time for last 54 years.

According to Association of Swedish auto manufacturers in 2016 Volkswagen Golf has become bestseller as there was sold 22 084 cars. The percentage of this number is 5.93% of all primary registrations in the country. At the same time the percentage of Volvo V70, S90 and V90 car sale reached 5.7%. Last time when Volvo lost its leadership on car market was in 1962. At that year Volkswagen Beetle has become the leader on car sale market.

But still Volvo has the biggest share on native market.  In 2015 in Sweden there were sold nearly 71 thousands of Volvo cars vs 58 thousands of “Volkswagens”. According to the forecast of local analytics in 2017 on the market there will be positive dynamic but relatively to previous years the sales will be less significant. If preliminary assessment is correct then sales of new car models will reach to 360 thousands.