GM Post Their Best October Sales Since 2007

GM Post Their Best October Sales Since 2007

In a struggling economy, it's always nice to hear that a company is doing well and actually making profits for a change – and especially in our favorite industry no less.

Well, good news: General Motors have just posted their best October sales since 2007 demonstrating that things are on the up for the company. Specifically, sales have increased by 1.8% in October, which may not seem like a lot, but is actually a big amount when you take into account the amount that these companies normally make.

Who's to Thank?

So who, or what, do Buick have to thank for this recent upturn? The answer appears to be the success of the Buick Encore, with that division specifically seeing an increase of 6.5% – no mean feat. This makes the Buick the brand's best-seller this month, which is no real surprise seeing as it has received such rave reviews.

The Buick hasn't done it alone those. GM's larger crossover SUV – the three-row Enclave – also saw an increase, this time up by 1.8 percent making it Buick's best seller of the year to date. Of course, it has been around a fair bit longer than the Encore.

Meanwhile, the Chevrolet was also up by 0.5% despite stiff competition from Cruze and Silverado. The Chevy Traverse crossover meanwhile (a full sized vehicle) saw a big surge of 24%. Do bear in mind however that the Traverse was not a big seller to begin with.

Good News All Round

It's not just GM that are doing well either. Chrysler Group managed to continue strong sales too, with an increase of 21.7% in October on last year, success that largely was enjoyed thanks to the Jeep Cherokee and Ram Pickup. The Ram pick-up is the company's best seller and this looks set to continue thanks to a recent 33.5% increase in sales. The Jeep brand in general saw a very healthy increase of 51.7%.


So what can we take from this news? Well, other than 'GM are doing well at the moment', it would appear that these figures point to a general success for crossovers, SUVs and more fuel efficient vehicles.

This could be a reflection of the struggling economy – which makes picking fuel efficient vehicles all the more sensible. At the same time though, it is likely also a simple reflection on the practicality of these vehicles which have gradually started to hog more and more limelight as they've enjoyed success and gradually evolved to meet the market demand.

The benefits of crossovers and SUVs are clear. This way, you get a car that is perfectly suited to urban living and more than able to make city runs without racking up a huge fuel bill. At the same time though, you also get a car that can take on a gravel track and that won't be stopped by a pothole. There's enough ground clearance too that you can handle steep curbs and the small size means there's no problem finding parking spaces. Couple this with ample space inside thanks to the height and you have a fantastic 'Jack of All Trades'.

You can think of these cars a little bit like iPhones. These days an iPhone isn't the most powerful or exciting phone on the market – that would be something like the Galaxy Note 4. But while the iPhone might seem a little 'plain' to some, it nevertheless has that fantastic build quality, tons of features and the perfect marriage of software to hardware that ensures that it never goes wrong.

The same is true of something like the Encore and the newly announced EcoSport Encore: these are cars that maybe won't appeal to real grease monkeys, but for those looking for a great experience and something they can rely on… well perhaps they're the most sensible option.