Ford's New Smallest Crossover Turns Heads at Sao Paulo Auto Show

Ford’s New Smallest Crossover Turns Heads at Sao Paulo Auto Show

The second generation Ford EcoSport, dubbed 'Storm', was unveiled at the Sao Paulo Auto Show with a visually striking look that turned many heads. While the annual SEMA show at Las Vegas is often the place to find the more obscure and ostentatious vehicles, the Sao Paulo Auto Show has been giving them a run for their money with the Troller T4 rescue vehicle concept shown last week and now the Ford EcoSport and it's 'beauty and the Beast' concepts.

Introducing The EcoSport Storm

So what made the EcoSport Storm so eye catching?

The Ford EcoSport is available across a range of world market and uses a Ford Fiesta platform, a small chassis and a tall crossover body – similar to the Sonic-based Buick Encore. It's powered by either a 1.0 liter diesel engine or a 1.5 liter gas engine (ample for the small body) and boasts great fuel economy which will be good news for anyone looking to keep their running costs down or their carbon footprints. Specifically, the numbers range between 27mpg to 53mpg depending on the forms. The 1.0 liter three cylinder engine is the same one found in the latest Ford Fiesta with good ground clearance and power. While it has a taller body, it's still 14 inches shorter than the Focus' hatch.

The EcoSport sports (sorry) front-wheel drive (four wheel drive is available) and may evoke memories of the Ford Raptor which is a clear inspiration. Striking visual features include a plastic mesh grill featuring large Ford lettering, LED fog lamps, a custom paint job with matte black for the hood or Blue Storm paint color, chrome ring wearing tires and custom graphics. Somehow it manages to look very sleek despite its dimensions and also rather rugged. It has a slight air of Transformers about it and you can imagine it turning into a tough little robot.

Of course we haven't had a chance to drive it yet, but going by looks and specifications you would imagine it to be a smooth ride, perfectly suited to urban runs and more than able to handle the occasional pothole.

Beauty and the Beast

Ford also showed off two other concepts based on their new EcoSport which they called 'Beauty and the Beast'. The Beauty model came decked out in matte copper paint and featured a number of upmarket features including 18-inch wheels and a stunning interior with luxurious leather surfaces and bucket seats. This was an eye grabbing model and especially if you happen to be a fan of the matte look, which certainly gives a car a unique and different appearance.

The 'Beast' meanwhile (epic name), is a sportier version of the EcoSport (the EcoSportier?) that has bike racks for those who enjoy active trips in their vehicles, as well as a great silvery-bronze look with turquois and red highlights (it looks better than it sounds). It also has a more rugged appearance that is perhaps fitting of its 'Beast' title.

Either way, by all appearances the EcoSport is a great little CUV that offers an efficient option for those look for something a little more versatile and with a bit more room on the inside while staying very efficient. We're told that all-wheel drive is an option too, so those looking for a bit more adventure will be well catered for. It's also great looking, whether you choose to go for the Beauty or the Beast (especially the former of course).

It would appear that Ford have been closely watching the success of the Buick Encore and of these smaller crossovers in general. This is looking to become a big market, so what do you think: would you buy one?