7 Ridiculous Things That Happen in the Furious 7 Trailer

7 Ridiculous Things That Happen in the Furious 7 Trailer

Since the release of Fast Five, the 'Fast and Furious' franchise has enjoyed something of a renaissance. It's achieved this in part through the inclusion of more muscle-bound actions stars (the Rock in particular) and partly through it's insane action sequences that seem to up the ante every single time.

Really, there is absolutely no reason for this franchise to have lasted as long as it has – but today it's hard to imagine it ever ending. And while everyone who watches it is well aware of this being a completely ridiculous and over-the-top series, it's still nonetheless… really enjoyable.

And it's particularly enjoyable if you happen to love cars and car chase/race sequences as much as we do. Of course some of the scenes can be considered cruelty to cars – but only in the same way that you used to enjoy throwing your micro machines out the window.

The new Furious 7 trailer seems to continue the trends set by the previous two movies and is determined to up the ante even more from those films. Here are seven completely ridiculous things that happen just in the short trailer…

1 Cars Drive Out of an Aircraft

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous, the trailer opens with a bunch of cars in an aircraft of some description which then proceed to drive out of it. Why? Because apparently this is the only way to get cars into another country we can only presume.

2 Backwards…

Scratch that: the cars don't drive out the back of the plane, they reverse out the back and then proceed to flip around madly through the sky as they fall. Because why would you want to see where you were going? Yep, that makes total sense.

3 And Land Fine Thanks to a Parachute

Just in case you thought this film was going to be totally unrealistic, Vin Diesel then demonstrates his plan by casually releasing a parachute to slow his descent and the other cars do likewise. Each one lands perfectly fine on the road and takes off at full speed. That's some suspension.

4 A Guy Runs Along a Vehicle That's Falling Off of a Cliff

This one is absurd not only because it's once again completely unrealistic, but also because it's so clichéd. How many times have you seen this happen in a movie? And even in computer games? Handy that vehicles always happen to stop so that they're just teetering over the edge of these cliffs. Otherwise there'd be no time to run along them…

5 Jason Statham's Voice…

With Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson exchanging blows and one liners in the last few films, you could already draw some comparisons with the Expendables series. Now that Jason Statham is involved though it's official. It does kind of make sense though seeing as Statham has enjoyed his share of vehicular mayhem previously in his 'Transporter' series.

6 The Crew Stand And Look At the Skyline

No doubt this scene will include some heartfelt discussion and one-liners. Question is: when was the last time that you and a group of friends pulled over at the motorway, stood in an exact line and all stared forward at the view while chatting?

7 A Car Does a Wheelie in a Race

Sure it's possible, but is it really the most efficient way to win a race? Or is it just… random nonsense?

Oh and a bonus round: just for good measure, the Rock randomly breaks out of a cast to start punching bad guys. The question you now have to ask is: why was he wearing that cast in the first place?

So yep, we can pretty safely assume that the film is going to be completely ridiculous just like its competitors. Of course it looks like great fun though and is definitely worth seeing for fans of 'cars doing ridiculous things' (that's everyone then). It's also very sadly the last chance to see Paul Walker on screen following his tragic accident.

So yeah, count us in. Just don't try to follow the plot too hard!