Does Cobb Accessport Void Subaru Warranty?

Does Cobb Accessport Void Subaru Warranty?

If you buy a new Subaru today, you’ll get a limited warranty that covers all of the vehicle’s primary chassis and engine components. That is how Subaru demonstrates its belief that every car is built the first time correctly. Failure to properly care for your new Subaru, on the other hand, may void your warranty, leaving you responsible for all maintenance and repair charges. Installation of non-Subaru parts or failure to perform regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommended preventive maintenance schedule are two of the most prevalent methods to void the warranty.

However, you might be wondering, does the installation of a Cobb Accessport void your Subaru warranty? Your Subaru warranty will not be void if you install or merely plug in your Cobb Accessport. But if your dealer discovers that a particular repair is directly attributable to any changes you made, they may refuse to cover it. Nothing, however, will void your warranty. In other words, your warrant will not be revoked. At the very least, check that the Cobb Accessport is installed correctly and that all necessary maintenance is completed before the modification.

Continue reading this article to learn more about what will void specific parts or your entire Subaru warranty.

What Can Void Your Specific Parts Warranty


Some people are so unconcerned about their automobiles’ demands that they spend years without getting an oil change. Avoid this at all costs if your car is still under warranty. The dealer is not responsible for any damage to your engine if you neglect to take your vehicle in for service during its regular maintenance.

Use of Dirty or Improper Fluids

The warranty does not cover any harm caused by accidentally putting sugar in the gas tank or spacing out and putting diesel fuel in your gasoline. Always check your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the suitable fluid.

Aftermarket Parts or Modifications

There is much gray area in this area of warranty coverage. Despite what many dealers would have you believe, installing an aftermarket part or having modifications on your vehicle does not void your warranty.

Some sellers may claim that just because you have a performance part on your car, such as a cold air intake, your entire vehicle warranty is worthless. However, this is not the case. Before they can deny you warranty coverage, they must prove that the aftermarket equipment in your car caused the need for repairs, according to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

If the cause of a part failure is unknown, however, a dealer will almost always charge you to diagnose the car. If the aftermarket equipment was not installed properly or a modification caused a component failure, the dealer has the right to invalidate the warranty for the part, and you will be responsible for the repairs. On the other hand, you will be repaid the diagnostic fee if the aftermarket parts have nothing to do with the repair issue.

Any aftermarket parts on your vehicle may lead the dealer to believe that you are driving it hard or racing it. It is thus always advisable to research dealers who are more mod-friendly if your car has modifications on it and requires a repair.

What Can Void Your Entire Warranty?

Misuse of the Vehicle

Vehicle misuse can be defined in various ways, but it frequently involves competition or racing and overloading or off-loading the vehicle. Anything that isn’t part of the car’s routine functionality could be considered misuse. Many automakers will nullify your entire warranty for these offenses, and the decision is usually left to the warranty administrator’s discretion.

Your warranty claim may be denied even if there is no proof but evidence of abuse. There are many posts on internet message boards about how automakers and dealers monitor racing events and even attend them to collect license plate numbers. If your car is noted in such an event racing, then you can be sure that your dealer will deny you warranty services the next time you visit them for service. Even though this may sound like conspiracy theories, you should think twice about competing in your car.

Salvage Title

Your entire warranty will be invalidated if your car was in a severe accident and was granted a salvage title or was deemed a total loss.

Altered Odometer

The dealer will not have the ability to determine the exact mileage if the odometer has been tampered with, disconnected, or replaced. This is usually grounds for a warranty cancellation. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if your odometer has been tampered with, but ordering a vehicle history report allows the dealer to look for inconsistencies in the mileage reporting.

Environmental damage

The automaker will not fulfill your warranty if your vehicle is damaged in an earthquake, flood, fire, or other natural disasters.

How Can You Avoid Your Warranty Issues?

Read Your Warranty Thoroughly

Even though we have addressed some critical issues in this article, we nevertheless recommend that you read the fine print of your warranty, which is often included in your owner’s handbook. Make sure you understand the “what is not covered” part completely.

Ensure That Your Car Is Serviced Regularly

Servicing your car on a regular basis is a good idea in general but always try to follow your manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule to keep your warranty intact. You can always find your owner’s handbook online if you’ve misplaced it.

Keep All Your Service Records and Receipts

Keeping all your service records and receipts is another intelligent habit to develop in case you want to sell your automobile and demonstrate that you kept it in good working order. If you handle your car maintenance, keep the receipts for the fluids and parts you purchased.

Warranties Are Open to Interpretation

If you believe that your service adviser has wrongfully refused to honor your warranty claim, you can appeal to a higher management level, contact the automaker directly, or move to a different dealer.

Final Take

A Cobb Accessport will not void your Subaru warranty. However, it might affect the coverage of some parts if their damage is directly linked to it. Therefore, it is also advisable to read your warranty fine print to understand better what your warranty covers and doesn’t cover.





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