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Triumph 900

There have been two different Triumph motorcycles that have used the “900” name, including the Thunderbird and the Thruxton. The Thunderbird 900 is a British-made motorcycle that was built between 1995 and 2004 by Triumph Motorcycles at its Hinckley factory. This motorcycle was first launched in 1995 and it was styled to create the image […]

Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Engineering and Triumph Motorcycles manufacture the Triumph Bonneville, and it is a basic motorcycle with an engine of the parallel-twin four-stroke variety. It has been manufactured in three distinct generations with three different production runs. It had one production run from 1959-1983, another from 1985-1988, and a third from 2001 to the present day. […]

Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire is classified as a 2-seat sports car and was first introduced to the public at the 1962 London Motor Show. The design for the Spitfire was based one that was initially used for the Standard-Triump in 1957, designed by Giovanni Michelotti. The platform that this vehicle uses is based on the engine, […]