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Opel Vectra

The Opel Vectra is large and spacious family car that was manufactured from 1988 to 2008. This vehicle was first introduced in October of 1988, replacing the Opel Ascona. The original first generation Vectra A model was a saloon hatchback designed by Wayne Cherry, who was the Opel chief of design at the time. In […]

Opel Antara

Built by Adam Opel Auto Group, the Opel Antara is a compact sport utility vehicle which first went into production in 2006. Adam Opel Auto Group is a subsidiary of American automaker General Motors, which based in Russelsheim, Hesse, Germany. The company began as a sewing machine maker in 1862 and moved to producing bicycles […]

Opel Meriva

The Opel Meriva is a compact multi-purpose vehicle manufactured by German automaker Adam Opel Auto Group. Opel was founded in 1862 as a sewing machine maker and then began building bicycles in 1886. Opel built its first car in 1899 and today is a subsidiary of American automaker General Motors. The first generation Meriva was […]

Opel Kadett

Unlike it’s sporty brethren, The Opel Kadett is a family car. It got it’s regal beginnings in 1936 as the Opel Kadett I. Many versions were produced over the lifespan of the Kadett. Like it’s model sibling the Opel GT, The Kadett made two appearances in production before being removed. It featured a streamlined body, […]

Opel Agila

The Opel Agila is a subcompact multi-purpose vehicle produced under the brand name Opel from Germany, but it is actually just a variant of the Suzuki Wagon R+ in its first generation and the Suzuki Splash in its second generation. Opel is Adam Opel Auto Group, a German auto manufacturer that is a subsidiary of […]

Opel Omega

German automaker Opel was at one time widely known for providing cutting edge, modern cars to their consumers. The Opel Omega was no exception to the rule. Beginning production in 1986, the Omega was a full sized luxury car. It was marketed worldwide, and is best known in the United States as the Cadillac Catera, […]

Opel Insignia

German manufacturers Opel have always been known to deliver state of the art automobiles to the consumer market with versatility in mind. The Opel Insignia is a modern, large sized family car relatively new to production. Production began 2008 and continues today. It features a smooth body design, many customizable features and versatile options. Comparable […]

Opel Adam

Many people have not heard of Adam Opel. He is the founder of the Opel automaker, which is located in Germany. The Opel Adam is the vehicle that was named after him by the company and released in the year 2013. While it may seem a bit eccentric to put the founder’s name on a […]

Opel Tigra

The Opel Tigra is a sports car manufactured by German automaker Adam Opel Auto Group. Currently a subsidiary of American automaker General Motors, Opel was founded as a sewing machine maker in 1862 and moved on to bicycles in 1886. The company built its first automobile in 1899. From 1994 to 2000 the Tigra was […]

Opel Ascona

The Opel Ascona was produced by Opel, the German automaker from the year 1970 through the year 1988. It is a larger family car that was produced in 3 separate generations over the 18 year time span that it was in production. It started out as a rear wheel drive and ended up being a […]