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Hummer H2

The Hummer H2 is classified as an SUV as well as an SUT and is marketed by Generals Motors under the Hummer brand name. While this vehicle is large, it is still slimmer than the Hummer H1 with a longer and taller design which can fit up to six passengers, including the driver; some models […]

Hummer H1

The Hummer H1 is classified as a civilian off-road vehicle and is based on the M998 Humvee which was initially created by AM General. Production of this vehicle started in 1992 and went through 2006, becoming the first of the Hummer line of vehicles. This vehicle is was known simply as the “Hummer” at first, […]

Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 is classified as an SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle as is manufactured by the Hummer division of General Motors. Production of this vehicle started in 2005 and ended in 2010. The first version of this vehicle was introduced as the 2006 model and was based on the GMT355 underpinning which was used […]