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Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is classified as a city car and is manufactured by Italian carmaker Fiat, initially launched in 1957 and discontinued in 1975. Sales for this car started in July of 1957 and it was marketed as an inexpensive and practical town car, measuring only 2.97 meters or 9×9 feet and was powered by […]

Fiat Freemont

A Look at the Fiat Freemont – A People Mover for the People Priced anywhere from $27,000 to $36,500, the Fiat Freemont is aimed to fill a demand that bridges the SUV, minivan, and crossover markets. It’s basically a rebadged Dodge Journey, and was sold under that name (in the European market, at least) until […]

Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda is classified as a city car and manufactured by Italian carmaker Fiat and is currently in its third generation of models. The first generation of this car was launched in 1980, produced until 1986 after undergoing some fairly major changes. Over the years, between 1986 and 2003, the Panda has only received […]

Fiat Seicento

The Fiat Seicento is a mini, or subcompact, car produced by Fiat from 1998 to 2010. Fiat was founded in Italy in 1899 and by 1910 it became the largest automaker in Italy, a position it still holds today. Fiat has absorbed other automakers over the years, including Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, […]

Fiat Grande Punto

The Fiat Grande Punto is classified as a supermini car and manufactured by the Italian automaker Fiat. The first of these vehicles came out in 2005 and was the third generation with the “Punto” name. When this car was in the developmental stage, it was given the codename “Project 199” and eventually was unveiled in […]

Fiat 147

The Fiat 147 is a 3-door hatchback compact car that is manufactured by Fiat in Minas Gerais in Brazil from 1976 to 1987 before it was replaced by the Fiat Uno. This vehicle was the Brazilian version of the Fiat 127 and there were some built by Sevel in Argentina, where some of the later […]

Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla was designed to be a family car and is based on the Brava with a purposefully shorter and wider design than that of its competitors. This vehicle has two rows of three seats, which was another purposeful design point to differentiate it from all of the other similar cars that only had […]

Fiat Uno

The Fiat Uno is classified as a supermini car and is produced by Italian carmaker Fiat. The Uno was first launched onto the market in 1983 and built in Italy until 1995. Even though production of this vehicle continued in certain countries throughout the world, the final unit was manufactured in Brazil in 2013. As […]

Fiat Bravo

The Fiat Bravo is classified as a small family car that is produced by Italian carmaker Fiat. Production of this vehicle first started in 1995 and ran until 2001. The Fiat Brava was the 3-door hatchback’s 5-door counterpart. The Bravo nameplate was revived in 2007 with a completely redesigned model that replaced the Stilo. The […]

Fiat Palio

The Fiat Palio is a supermini automobile made by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a division of the Fiat Group. Fiat was founded in Italy in 1899 by a group of forward-thinking investors and by the year 1910, it became the largest automobile maker in Italy (a position the company still holds today). Fiat currently owns such […]