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Buick Regal

The Buick Regal is classified as a mid-size car and was introduced by General Motors as the 1973 model. Production of this vehicle in North America ended in 2004 but started up again in 2011. The 2011 model year of this vehicle re-introduced the Regal as an upscale sport sedan. Production and sales of the […]

Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave is classified as a full-size luxury crossover SUV that was launched in May of 2007 as the 2008 model from the Buick division of General Motors. This vehicle, along with the Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia, all use the same GM Lambda platform. The Enclave was first introduced to the public at […]

Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse is classified as a full-size sedan produced by American carmaker General Motors. Production of this vehicle started in 2004 and it effectively replaced both the Century and Regal in the North American market starting with the 2005 model year. This car became a top level sedan in North America at the beginning […]