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The BMW Z3 was an important vehicle in this carmaker’s history because of the fact that it was their first modern roaster to be mass produced. Another thing that is so special about this vehicle is that it was first new model to be manufactured in the United States. The “Z” in this model name […]

BMW 2002

The BMW New Class was a line of both compact sedans as well as coupes which were manufactured between 1962 and 1977. The development of this vehicle helped the carmaker out immensely after it had just gone going through a financial crisis of sorts in the 1950s, establishing their brand and creating a reputation for […]

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is classified as an executive mid-size luxury car which first appeared on the market in 1972. This car is currently in its sixth generation and is available in both sedan and touring body styles. The 5 Series is BMW’s second best-selling model, with the 3 Series being number one and accounting […]


The BMW M6 is a high-performance variant of the 6 Series convertible model and is designed by the motorsport division of BMW. Production of this vehicle initially started in 1983 and went until 1989. Production of the M6 started up again in 2005 and went until 2010. A new version of the M6 came out […]


The BMW X5 is classified as a midsize luxury SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, and is manufactured by BMW. The first generation of this vehicle first appeared on the market in 1999, and it was this carmaker’s first SUV, also known as the Four-by-Four in the UK market. The UK version of this car featured […]


The BMW X1 is classified a compact luxury crossover that is a combination of diminutive dimensions as well as a lower more affordable price than many of the other vehicles in this class offered by BMW. This vehicle uses the same platform as certain 3-Series vehicles and uses turbocharged motors for maximum efficiency. The more […]


The purpose of the BMW M1 was to essentially go as fast as possible and win races. The name of this vehicle is reflection of both its stature and importance in the history of the company. Production of this vehicle started in 1978 and went to 1981. Initially, BMW was going to partner up with […]

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is classified as a compact executive car and is manufactured by the German-based company BMW. This particular series of cars spans a total of six generations to date as well as five different body styles. The 3 series is BMW’s most popular model vehicle and makes up about 30% of their […]

BMW 1602

The BMW 1602 is part of this carmaker’s New Class of vehicles. The 1602 was originally called the 1600-2 and was a 2-door economy sedan at the lower end of this automaker’s lineup. Later on, there were some changes made to the newly titled 1602 and it was included in the 02 Series 1600 and […]


The BMW Z8 was originally introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1998 and its concept was the direct result of the 507 roadster which experienced a great deal of success when it came out. The carmaker built the Z8 based on what they think the 507 roadster would have looked like if production would […]