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Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is an intriguing crossover SUV which is significantly larger than a hatchback yet much more fuel-efficient than your average sport utility vehicle. It is precisely this combination which makes this vehicle so incredibly unique and appealing to so many different people who are fed up with gas high prices but still want […]

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is classified as a full-size luxury crossover SUV and was first seen by the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2005. Manufacturing of this vehicle commenced in fall of 2005 in Bratislava, Slovakia and it was the very first SUV ever to be offered by Audi. The Q7 officially […]

Audi A2

The Audi A2 is classified as a compact MPV-styled supermini car with a 5-door hatchback body style and comes in models with four and five seats. The A2 is manufactured by German carmaker Audi and production first started in 1999. This vehicle is based on the AI2 concept car which was first introduced to the […]

Audi RS 6

The Audi RS 6, also referred to as the RS 6 Quattro, is a high-performance mid-sized executive car built by the private quattro GmbH, a subsidiary of Audi AG. Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer founded by August Horch in 1899. It is currently part of the Volkswagen Group. The RS 6 was first […]

Audi RS4

The Audi RS4 quattro is a high performance version of certain vehicles in the Audi A4 range of cars and is classified as a compact executive car. The RS4 is manufactured by Audi’s high-performance private subsidiary, Quattro GmbH, but only a limited number of units were ever made. This vehicle is just above the Audi […]

Audi A6

The Audi A6 was first produced in 1995 and was a truly exciting release from this automaker because of its variety of features and innovative design. The current A6 is definitely a bargain because of its fairly reasonable price and it has quite a bit to offer as a whole. The primary strength of this […]

Audi S4

The Audi S4 is a high-performance version of the compact executive A4 model. The A4 was originally built in 1991 until 1994 and was a performance-oriented version of the 100 saloon/sedan. All of the S4 models that have been manufactured since 1997 have been based on the Audi A4 as well as the S4. Although […]

Audi TT

The Audi TT first came about as a concept car in 1995 but did not actually go into production until five years later. This vehicle was highly anticipated by many and had a very organic design as well as a style that was unlike anything Audi had come out with in the past. The slab-sided […]

Audi A1 Sportback

The Audi A1 Sportback is the 5-door version of the Audi A1 supermini. BMW is currently set to release a 5-door Mini hatchback for the first time ever. The interior of this vehicle consists of very high-quality materials and there are a wide range of engine options available for those who are interested in purchasing […]

Audi A3 Sedan

History The Audi A3 Sedan was manufactured by Audi AG. Audi AG’s headquarters are in Germany. The name comes from the Latin translation of the name of the owner, August Horch. Horch means ‘listen’ in German and then it becomes ‘audi’ in Latin. The slogan for Audi is ‘Vorsprung durch Technik, which means ‘Advancement Through […]