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The Volkswagen Transporter draws heavily from the T platform, currently in its 5th generation. The Volkswagen Transporter is not one van in particular. Instead, it encompasses a number of vans produced over more than six decades and marketed all around the world.

The T series is at this moment considered an official automotive platform of the Volkswagen Group. The generations have been sequentially named as T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5. Before these T platform designations were used, the first generations were called Type 2, which indicated their relation to the Type 1, or Volkswagen Beetle. These vehicles were part of the T platform, and the first three generations were named T1, T2, and T3 later on.

The Transporter line-up comprises a wide range of light commercial transport vehicles including vans, minivans, pick-ups, campervans, and minibuses. Competition is strong from Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Ford.

The T1 was produced from 1950-1967.

The T2 was produced from 1967-1980.

The T3 was produced from 1979-1992.

The T4 was produced from 1990-2003.

The T5 was produced from 2003-2014.

T5 – Transporter (2003-present day)

The Volkswagen T5 is the current version out now. On the North American continent, it is sold in the country of Mexico, but it is not sold in Canada and the United States. Just like other light trucks, the T5 range could be subject to a 25% tax, referred to as the chicken tax, if it is imported into the United States.

The Transporter T5 range got a slight update in late 2009. There were new powertrain options and a dual clutch transmission added.

The Transporter Range

The Transporter line of vans is a popular commercial van line-up offered by Volkswagen that features five models.

Transporter Panel Van

The Transporter Panel Van comes in at £18,265. It is the most robust, powerful, and fuel-efficient Transporter van yet.

Transporter Kombi

Starting at £20,505, the Transporter Kombi is quite spacious, has five to six seat options, and it is big enough to handle your equipment and your crew. This is a good commercial van for a small service business (e.g., landscaping, lawn mowing, maid service, etc.)

Transporter Sportline 60

Starting at £30,805, the Transporter Sportline 60 is definitely more expensive, but it’s a good choice if you want to leave a good impression on your prospective customers. If looking the part is just as important as doing the business itself, then the Transporter Sportline 60 is just right for you.

Transporter Shuttle

The Transporter Shuttle, starting at £23,475, has flexible seating options and can seat up to eight different passengers.

Transporter BlueMotion

Starting at £20,110, the Transporter BlueMotion is a distinct model with the best fuel efficiency in the Transporter range.

The Transporter range has everything you need to get the job done. The vans are easy to work with, safe, and you can pick the engine that you want.

When you work with the Transporter range and Volkswagen, you can build a partnership that will grow your company and last throughout the duration of your ownership. When you work with Volkswagen, you are guaranteed a solid relationship with them throughout the time that you own or lease the van. Each van comes with a three-year warranty, excellent fuel efficiency, and best-in-market residual values. When you have to resell your van to upgrade or get a different van, you can rest assured that you will get top dollar for your trade-in. What’s not to like about owning or leasing a commercial van from Volkswagen? The Transporter range is the best commercial van line-up on the market.

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