Renault Sandero Review & Ratings

Renault is a French car manufacturer and the company combined forces with Dacia, its Romanian subsidiary in order to create the Dacia Sandero, which is a super mini car. The vehicle has been in production since the year 2007 and is currently in its second generation. In South America, Mexico, South Africa and Russia the vehicle is marketed as the Renault Sandero.


The Sandero has a wheel base that is slightly shorter than the sedan that it comes from. The vehicle was developed near Paris, France at Renault’s Technocentre. The development of the vehicle was done in conjunction with the regional centers of the company located in Romania and Brazil.

The Sandero was first revealed to the public in the year 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The vehicle formally entered the market in December of 2007 in Brazil as the Renault model. This was the first of the Renault vehicles to make its debut outside of the European market.

The Sandero was also launched in Europe as the Dacia model, making its first appearance at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

In February of 2009, manufacturing of the Sandero started in South Africa and then in December of 2009 manufacturing was started in Russia. There is also a Renault version of the vehicle that is manufactured in Columbia for the Columbian market as well as for exporting to other countries such as Chile.


The Sandero received an upgrade in May of 2011. The company launched the upgraded version in Brazil. The newest version offers a redesigned interior and a new face. The upgraded versions were launched in Columbia in 2012 and offered a few differences from some of the other versions that were being sold including where the door locks were located and adding passenger airbags.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features the Sandero meets the requirements that are set by European legislation. The Sandero comes with up to 4 airbags, depending on the equipment level that is chosen. When it comes to active safety features, the Sandero offers the latest in ABS systems for braking that used electronic brake force distribution as well as emergency brake assist.

When fitted with the basic level of safety equipment including front driver and passenger airbags, and seatbelt load limiters, the Euro NCAP gave the vehicle a score of 3 stars for adults and 4 stars for children occupants. It received a single star for pedestrians.

When rating the vehicle that featured the safety pack that is available, it received four stars for adults and children and a single star for pedestrians.

The second generation of the vehicle that was released in 2013 scored a 4 star safety rating overall from the Euro NCAP for the base model. This was an improvement from the past scores. Both the adult and child ratings moved to 5 stars and the pedestrian safety level moved from one star to four. The safety assist was rated as 4 stars out of five as well.

Latest Version

In 2012, the second generation was revealed in Paris. At this time the Stepway version was shown as well. This hatchback model as well as the crossover version were seen covered in camoflauge as early as June, in July, and in September.

When it comes to marketing, the new Stepway and the Sandero could be ordered in Romania from the first of October in 2012. The vehicle was also available in the United Kingdom.

In January of 2013, What Car magazine from Britain awarded the 2nd generation of the Sandero as being the best super mini that is priced at less than €12,000.

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