Renault 19 Review & Ratings

Renault is a French car maker and the Renault 19 was a smaller family car that was offered by the company from 1988 through 1996. In Argentina and Turkey the car was produced until the year 2000. The 19s internal development code was X53 and the 5 door had a chassis code of B53. The code for the 3 door was C53, the Chamade make was L53, and the Cabriolet was D53.


The first R19 was shown in the year 1988. Sales for the domestic French market started in September of the same year. The R19 was to replace the 9 and the 11, as both of these were outdated and aging by the late part of the 1980s.

Giorgetto Giugiaro was responsible for the styling of the vehicle and it featured the new energy 1.4 engine and the F-type version from Renault. The base model started out using an OHV c-type Cleon engine. It was available in either a 1.2 or 1.4 liter depending on the market that it was sold in. Originally, it was only available with the atmospheric diesel engine, there was a turbocharged version that appeared in the year 1992.

The 19 was intended as the last car named with a numeral for the company as the new naming policy was adapted. The saloon models of the 19 had Chamade added to the name in order to distinguish this model from the hatchback version. In the 1990 model year the sedan made its first appearance.

The Chamade name was dropped in several markets after the remodel in the year 1992. In the year 1991, a convertible style 19 was offered.

While the exterior of the 19 received a somewhat muted response, the interior of the vehicle was praised for being quite comfortable and for having good handling.

During the summer of the year 1992 and a revamped version of the car was introduced. The front and the back were restyled substantially and the LHD market versions had a new interior and dashboard. The RHD model kept the original design. The facelift also used a smaller “energy” series and these units would replace the pushrod items gradually.

The R19 was sold throughout Europe until the year 1996 and it was produced for the South American market in Argentina until the year 2000. The platform of the R19 and its running gear would be used in the replacement vehicle, the first generation of the Renault Megane.


There are several great things about the Renault 19. The 1.4 s is quite trouble free and it is found that they would last about 8 to 9 years or for about 100,000 miles before they start to cost a lot. The catalytic converters of the vehicle would last a long time as well. One of the must have cars from the 1990s, the 16 valve models were screamers.

Some of the issues that people had with the Renault 19 were that before the facelift, the outside was quite dull. The non PAS version had helms that were quite heavy. In June of the year 2001, Renault received a rating of being the 4th worst marque in regard to warranty claims for used cars. The rankings were for 22 companies and were done by Motor Warranty Direct in Britain. In addition, the warranty repair costs for the vehicles were above average in the year 2003.

There are certain things that needed to be watched when driving the 19. This included switches that would break, the auto box breaking, and it would often start to rust underneath the window sill trims that are made out of plastic.

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