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Launched in the year 1999 by Kia, which is a Korean car manufacturer, the Kia Carens offers a compact MPV. The vehicle is now in the 3rd generation of production and is marketed throughout the world under several different names. The most prominent name for the Kia Carens is the Kia Rondo.

Australia discontinued the model in the year 2001. A newer model was produced in other countries and launched in 2002. In the year 2006, a second generation of the Carens was introduced by Kia for release in the model year 2007.

The Carens or Rondo was manufactured after first being introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the year 2005. It was introduced as the Multi-S, which was essentially the Kia Carens in its concept form. The S stood for Spacious, Smart, and Sporty. The Multi-S had many differences to the actual production model with the only inclusion being a dual panel sunroof that would run the entire length of the roof.


It is unclear how the name Carens was originated. The manufacturer must not have done any research about the name before the launch because there are negative connotations of Carens. The word actually means being without or lacking in Latin, and is the present form of the verb careo.

The other name of the vehicle, the Rondo, which is most often used throughout the world for this particular make of vehicle, comes from Rondo, which is a musical term.

In North America the vehicle is referred to as the Rondo and in Australia it is referred to as the Rondo 7.


The vehicle made its first debut in the United States at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in the year 2007. Sales in the United States started in the early part of 2007. It was sold as a 2007 model year vehicle. In Canada, the sales of this model began in December of the year 2006. Sales of the Rondo 7 did not start until the spring of the year 2008 in Australia.

In the United States there were over 20,000 units sold during the first 2 model years. These numbers exceeded the expected internal sales goals for the model. In the year 2009, the sales of the Carens began to decline rapidly and they have not yet recovered. In the year 2010, Kia stopped selling the Rondo in the United States and instead began pointing its United States customers to the Sportage, which was newly designed in 2011.

The upgraded Carens/Rondo from 2011 is still sold in Canada and features the new grille from its other Forte vehicles. The model has seen much better sales in Canada, which is why it is still being offered in the country.


The Kia Carens is available as a 5 or 7 passenger vehicle. Buyers can choose between the standard 175 horsepower 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine and the upgraded 192 horsepower 2.7 liter V6 engine. There are 2 trim levels available for this make of vehicle. In Australia, only the 7 passenger version is available.

The standard features for the Carens depend on the market and include 16 in alloy tires, satellite radio/mp3 capability/am/FM/CD player, air conditioning, iPod auxiliary jack, power door locks and windows, side/front/full length curtain airbags, ABS, 4 wheel disc brakes, ESC, TPMS, LATCH, child safety locks for the doors, front cup holders, rear cup holders, tilt steering columns, and 12 volt outlets in the front and the back. There is also an option for a moon roof, leather interior, cruise control, keyless entry, and heated front seats.

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