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Jeep Patriot Overview

The Jeep Patriot was introduced in the early part of 2007. This vehicle is a compact crossover SUV. The first public appearance of the Patriot was in April of 2006 at the New York Auto Show. The Patriot sits below the Liberty and near the more expensive Compass in the lineup of vehicles that are offered by Jeep.

Design History

The Patriot as well as the Compass was based on the Mitsubishi/Chrysler platform. These vehicles are different because of the way that they are styled and marketed. The Patriot offers a more traditional 4 door wagon. It is most similar to the Cherokee, which was no longer offered in the United States after the year 2001. The Compass is intended to be a sporty crossover vehicle that can handle rougher roads and poor weather. The Patriot and the Compass are both made in Belvidere, Illinois at the Chrysler Assembly plant.

In the United States the Patriot is manufactured with either a 2.0 liter or 2.4 liter gasoline I4 engine. There is a front wheel drive and a 4 wheel drive version available. There are 2 four wheel drive systems available, each are electronically controlled. Freedom Drive is the basic system and it is a full time four wheel drive that has locking capability. The other system is known as Freedom Drive II and uses the CVT transmission of the vehicle. It has 19:1 gear reduction that simulates a lower range that is typically found in vehicles that have a dedicated transfer case.

There are three models of the Patriot available, the Sport, the Latitude, and the Limited.

Taking it Off Road

The Patriot equipped with Freedom Drive II uses the continuously variable transmission that holds the lowest ration the CVT can attain instead of using a 2 speed transfer case. With the Trail Rated badging from Jeep, the Patriot is designed to perform in 5 categories of off road conditions including maneuverability, ground clearance, traction, water fording, and articulation.

In its class, the Patriot is one of the most off road capable vehicles. One of the reasons is because of its anti-lock braking technology. This technology allows the Jeep to maintain forward motion even if one or two of the tires loses traction by aggressively and selectively applying the brakes to the wheels that are spinning.


In 2011, there were minor upgrades made to the Patriot. On the outside, the Patriot was given some styling tweaks and the interior was provided with a few upgrades as well. In the United States there are 3 trims offered, the Sport, Latitude, and the Limited. In Europe there are four trims available, the Sport, the Sport Plus, Limited, and the Overland.

A 70th anniversary model was released in 2011. It was based on the Sport trim and was offered in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Jeep. There were special interior colors of beige and olive offered, special alloy tires, a premium sound system including a subwoofer, fold down lift gate speakers, leather seats, steering wheel wrapped in leather, heated front seats, Sirius satellite radio, as well as many other features. This anniversary edition was available starting from May, 2011, with production ending in October of 2011.

In 2012, an Altitude Edition model was offered. It was based from the Sport model and had black wheels, black leather upholstery, and several other features as well. It was manufactured starting in May of 2012 and was only available for a few short months.

A Freedom Edition was offered in 2013 to commemorate the company’s commitment to the military. It has a special hood decal in the shape of a star and featured an exterior paint color of green metallic, which was not used on any other of the Jeep Patriots.

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