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Fiat Linea Overview

The Fiat Linea was released in March of 2007 from the Italian car maker, Fiat. It was manufactured in the Tofas plant that is located in Bursa, Turkey and was designed to be a world car for developing countries. The Linea is the largest saloon style car in the Fiat range replacing the Marea. The Linea is based on the platform of the Fiat Grande Punto. It was designed using the platform of the Fiat Grande Punto. It was designed at the Fiat Style Center located in Brazil and co-developed with Tofas as a joint venture between Koc Holding and the Fiat Group.


The size of the Linea is similar to the saloon versions of some of the other smaller family cars that are currently on the market such as the Mazda 3, Ford Focus, and the Opel Astra.

When the Linea was launched in the year 2007 in Turkey, the car was available with a 1.3 multi-jet diesel engine and a 1.4 fire gasoline. The next models that were available were the 1.4 turbo jet engine and a 1.6 diesel. Tofas plant production is aimed at the local market of Turkey and the CBUs are shipped out to the European Union market and the CKD components are then shipped out to the Tatarstan plant for a joint venture with Russia.

The Linea was launched in 2008 in Brazil and came with a 1.9 L torque engine to make it more flexible for the market of Brazil. There is also a Linea available in Brazil that has a jet petrol engine.

In the year 2010, the torque engine was replaced by Fiat with a newer 1.8 16 v e.torQ that came from the older 1.6 16v Tritec engines that were used in the PT cruiser from Chrysler and the Mini Cooper.

The Fiat Linea runs in several different segments in India and Brazil and has competition that is different in each of the markets. In Brazil the competition is with the Honda Civic, the Toyota Corolla, the Ford Focus, the Nissan Sentra, the Citroen C4 Pallas, and the Chevrolet Vectra. In India, the competition is with vehicles such as the Honda City, the Ford Fiesta, and the Hyundai Accent. This type of positioning in India is done in order to gain a foothold in the Indian market and to be able to offer reduced price features.


The Linea comes equipped with a Blue and Me hands free system. It also offers multi-language voice recognition as well as a windows mobile system. This mobile system allows users to browse through their phonebook, read texts aloud and put them on display on the MID, and also controls the audio system of the vehicle. There is a built in USB port that a USB stick can be plugged into to play music using the media player.

In Brazil there is the option of equipping the Linea with a navigational system. The navigational system does not use a touch screen for the maps, but rather a regular display that will give directions using voice guidance with directional arrows to navigate. Simply enter in the destination address and any other instruction by voice or with the controls located on the steering wheel and you will be able to follow the arrows to wherever you are going. The Linea was the first car of Brazil that offered a navigational system.

In India, the Linea and the Grande Punto are each a part of a special service named Fiat First that was launched in the year 2009 to provide 24 hour roadside assistance for towing, accident repairs, common spares, and punctures.

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