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The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Special Edition: Indulgence of the Highest Order

With all these highly practical crossovers and mini SUVs, real grease monkeys and motor heads might well find themselves longing for news on something power, unwieldy and ostentatious. If that's how you're feeling, then perhaps the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Special Edition will cheer you up. This is an indulgent and hugely expensive car that […]

An Electric Land Rover May be in the Works

Rumor has it that Land Rover may be looking to muscle in on Tesla's turf with a luxury electric car of their own. The car will retain AWD capabilities and should boast a better mileage on a single charge. Future generations may also include luxurious designs. The Details Word is that the company are thinking […]

What You Don’t Know About Your Car Windshield

Cars are amazing creations when you think about it: these are incredibly heavy wonders of engineering, capable of taking you anywhere in the world (almost) at insane speeds. For the most part they're incredibly reliable too and these days they come so packed with features that you can pretty much live out of them. But […]

First Look: The Renault Megane Trophy-R

The Renault Megane Trophy-R is a hardcore hatchback from Renault. It's an exciting ride and one that's likely to rev the engine of any performance enthusiasm. The Trophy was already a light and nippy number, but the R takes this to extremes by stripping out pretty much everything non-essential and keeping the focus squarely on […]

GM Post Their Best October Sales Since 2007

In a struggling economy, it's always nice to hear that a company is doing well and actually making profits for a change – and especially in our favorite industry no less. Well, good news: General Motors have just posted their best October sales since 2007 demonstrating that things are on the up for the company. […]