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The Magnum MK5 at SEMA Looks Like the Bat-Mobile

The Magnum MK5 was unveiled at SEMA this year and represented one hell of a showing for Canada. This is a car that has an incredibly sleek body and stunning paintjob that seems custom-made to drop jaws. It's the first car from Magnum to enter the lightweight supercar market and it's certainly one that people […]

Why the Buick Encore is Enjoying Such Huge Success

This October GM enjoyed their best sales since 2007. That's great news for the company and more than anything highlights the success of the Buick Encore – which has garnered rave reviews and sold like hotcakes. Ford clearly have been watching closely too and are moving in on Buick's territory with their second generation of […]

A Guide to Car Jagon for Absolute Beginners Part One

It's possible to appreciate cars without necessarily being a massive petrol head – we get that. And as such, you might find yourself wanting to read about the latest vehicles to see what's on the market. Even if you aren't a big fan of cars, you might find yourself occasionally perusing sites like these ones […]

How to Keep Your Car Safe and Warm This Winter

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a flat battery and hail through the windshield? Winter is not a good time of year for cars if you live somewhere cold. Just as it does for your Grandma's knee, the damp can easily get inside your car and cause all kinds […]

7 Ridiculous Things That Happen in the Furious 7 Trailer

Since the release of Fast Five, the 'Fast and Furious' franchise has enjoyed something of a renaissance. It's achieved this in part through the inclusion of more muscle-bound actions stars (the Rock in particular) and partly through it's insane action sequences that seem to up the ante every single time. Really, there is absolutely no […]