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Toyota Matrix

The Toyota Matrix, which is also referred to as the Toyota Corolla Matrix, is a compact hatchback that is built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada in Cambridge, Ontario and is derived from the Toyota Corolla. This vehicle was initially introduced in 2002 as the 2003 model and is the result of a joint effort between […]

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII – What to Expect The Rolls-Royce Phantom has always been an iconic ultra luxury icon, sported by the rich and often famous. From business executives to rappers and ball players, it’s the ultimate in British motoring designs. The 8th generation of the Phantom (often referred to simply as the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII) […]

Volvo S40

The Volvo S40 is one of many Swedish-manufactured cars that all share an efficient and in many cases innovative design. This vehicle first appeared on the North American market in 2000 and was Volvo’s attempt to get their own piece of the action. While it is true that this vehicle certainly does have its flaws […]

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is classified as a full-size electric 5-door luxury liftback which is manufactured by Tesla Motors. Production of this vehicle started in June of 2012 and sales for it have grown steadily, especially in Norway as well as California. This vehicle scored a 5.0 NHTSA safety rating, the highest possible score for […]

Why the Buick Encore is Enjoying Such Huge Success

This October GM enjoyed their best sales since 2007. That's great news for the company and more than anything highlights the success of the Buick Encore – which has garnered rave reviews and sold like hotcakes. Ford clearly have been watching closely too and are moving in on Buick's territory with their second generation of […]


A division of Daimler-Benz AG, smart creates a number of eco-friendly cars. Vehicles, including the signature smart fortwo, are available in internal combustion, electric and sports models, with current options including the pure coupe, passion cabriolet and electric drive. Headquartered in Boblingen, Germany, smart’s main assembly plant is located in Hambach, France. Celebrated around the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Greater Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a hot topic these days. With global warming hogging all the headlines and many of us somewhat pushed for cash, we're all now looking for ways that we can make a tank of fuel go further, reduce our running costs and shrink our carbon footprint. Car manufacturers are well aware of this […]


Saab is a Swedish manufacturer of premium automobiles, originally grown from a company that manufactured airplanes. Their first models were built with an eye toward the aerodynamics commonly found in aircrafts. The company has changed several hands of ownership over time, even as a wholly owned subsidiary of American manufacturer General Motors for about two […]

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is a car which was originally produced between 1934 and 1949 by the Czech carmaker Skoda Auto. When this car was first manufactured, it was marketed as a luxury vehicle and the very first one form this company to offer all wheel drive as well as a V8 engine. The very first […]


Cadillac is a popular luxury automobile manufacturer based out of the United States. Though it got its start as an independent company, it is currently run as a division of the General Motors Company. Their bestselling model is currently the SRX crossover. Cadillac is recognized as the second oldest automobile brand in the United States […]