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Renault 12

Called by many names all across the world, the Renault 12 had a good run of 31 years of production. Not a lot of family car manufacturers can say that they can do something better than the R12. Not even a bad review of the car would affect its sales, the R12 was a car […]


Maybach is a luxury car manufacturer based out of Germany. They produced cars from the time they were founded in 1909 up until the year 2012 (although some models of their limousines were sold into 2013). They are expected to make a revival in November 2014 with an extra-long, four-passenger Maybach edition of the Mercedes-Benz […]


Audi is one of the most popular high-end automobile companies in the world. They are headquartered in Germany and have production facilities in nine countries worldwide. Among the company’s best-selling current models are the Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi A8, and the Audi TT. The brand has been a majority owned subsidy (currently […]

Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza is classified as a mid-size crossover SUV and is manufactured by Japanese automaker Toyota, first introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 2008. This vehicle has an overall design that is based on the Toyota FT-SX concept car, which was first introduced to the public at the North […]

Scion FR

Toyota Motor Corporation produced a brand of vehicles that are known as the Scion. These were sold in the North American market. The Scions were introduced in the year 2002 with a long term goal of being appealing to the consumers from the Y generation. The first models in the series were the xA hatchback […]

Volkswagen Golf R VII

The Volkswagen Golf R VII, or the Mk7 as it is also known in certain markets, is classified as a compact car and is currently in its seventh generation. This vehicle is successor to the Volkswagen Golf Mk6 and it was initially announced in Berlin in September of 2012, just before it was publicly displayed […]

Renault Sandero

Renault is a French car manufacturer and the company combined forces with Dacia, its Romanian subsidiary in order to create the Dacia Sandero, which is a super mini car. The vehicle has been in production since the year 2007 and is currently in its second generation. In South America, Mexico, South Africa and Russia the […]


The automotive division of Mitsubishi Industries, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, has only been standing on its own since 1970. Despite the relatively short though, the automaker has managed to make a big impact worldwide with their unique selection of compacts, sedans and sport utility vehicles. Company History Mitsubishi Motors Corporation may not have a long standing […]

Toyota Avanza

The Toyota Avanza is classified as a mini MPV and is designed by Daihatsu. This vehicle is produced in Indonesia, contracted assembled in Malaysia, but only for the first generation. The Avanza is both designed and manufactured by Daihatsu and Toyota jointly under the Xenia and Avanza nameplates. Starting out as a new model developed […]


The automobile manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru is renowned for boxer engine layout in many of its vehicles, as well as all-wheel drive-train layout. Headquartered in Ebiso and Tokyo, Japan, Subaru of America, Inc. has its headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. “Subaru” is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, also […]